Welcome to Piers Allison's family tree. This has been compiled from a variety of sources - some paper, some online. Many thanks to all those who have helped.

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Notable Individuals:

'Skipper' Clement ANDERSEN 1484 - 1536 Leader of the Farmers' Revolt in Denmark in 1532
William WOOD 1671 - 1730 Mintmaster who struck an issue of Irish coinage from 1722 to 1724
John BIBBY 1775 - 1840 Founder of the Bibby Line
Daniel HARRISON 1795 - 1873 Co-Founder of Harrisons & Crosfield tea
John Picken DIXON 1851 - 1920 Mill owner and Chairman of James Baine Ltd
William ALLISON 1851 - 1925 Author of "My Kingdom for a Horse"
Charles Robert Douglas GRAY 1909 - 2004 Lt Col in Skinner's Horse and Director of the National Stud
James McGillycuddy MAGILL 1837 - 1904 Owner of Churchtown House, Ireland
Honoria Brenda MAGILL 1921 - 2016